French Country Home Decor Different And Unique

Beautiful Home DecorThe most striking feature of a French country home decor style is the European elegance blended perfectly with the rustic country charm. This style fits so perfectly into the country side homes and the chic elegant homes. The French country designs incorporate mixed patterns, vibrant textures, and subdued hues; aesthetically elegant at the same time in touch with the French roots. It has a timeless appeal made rich with detailing.Country Home Decor

Here’s a small write up of homes that reflect the French country home decor and what makes them different and unique.

  • The French country home decor is as much a treat to the soul as to the eye. It has an eye for detail and refinement at the same time a highly country side appeal. It is sophistication mixed with country charm all the way.
  • The other thing that is striking is the overall that is balance that is achieved, even though there are a whole lot of mixed elements. There is harmony that stands out rather than the discord. It is so elegantly sophisticated with an old world sensibility.
  • The French style is dominated by warm colours, be it the furnishings or the kitchen décor or the living areas. They may be bright or subdued but they always exude warmth. Pastels, creams, ivory, yellows, reds, lavenders, you can find all colours. Kitchens are filled with essentially rustic colours, but the dash of sophistication comes from throwing in a few pastel corners.
  • Fabrics and patterns are used everywhere, in this style of décor. Layered fabrics are used very efficiently. The patterns are delicate with trim laces and pretty fringes with an elegant touch.
  • Toile, the French patterned fabric is a must in the  With its distinctive patterns and colours, it stands out on any part of furniture or furnishings used on. You can have a toile arm chair or you can cover up the walls of a room to get that distinctive look.
  • French Country Home DecorGo natural with the look is the basic idea here. Use natural materials and create the perfect balance. A natural stone wall adds warmth of the countryside, to the fireplace.

It is a must in a French country home. Raw wood or timber ceiling beams, stone walls and floors, irregular plaster walls are characteristic of French country home .

  • The French style is also dominated by rustic, antique look furniture, with their refined curves and panels. Almost every room has the classic armoire to store either linen or table ware or even pots and pans.
  • Antiques are an integral part of French décor. You can see a lot of heirlooms and antique décor pieces interspersed amidst modern elements.

The various elements that make up for a French country home decor makes the resultant effect bright and sunny, filled with warmth and beautifully designed chic interiors. The French style is very individualistic and is hugely influenced by the traditional roots. You can see it in all facets of the décor, both interior and exterior as well.