Best Color For Kitchen – Pick Your Favourite

Whether you are re-doing your kitchen or creating one for your new home, finding the best color for kitchen is quite a daunting task. Wanting things to be perfect for your kitchen, right from the colour scheme of the kitchen walls and cabinets to the exact placements of the cabinets in order to achieve that perfect look is what anyone would love to have.

Read on to find out more on the best color for kitchen and the ways to jazz up the style quotient of your kitchen!blue for kitchen

  • Kitchens are generally seen in shades of white – pure white, off white, creamy hues; shades of blue, grey, yellow and green are also seen. Each colour has its distinguishing effect on the kitchen. But each of these colours creates a warm and welcoming kitchen.
  • White is the most dominant colour that is used in the kitchen, making it one of the best colours for the kitchen.A pure white kitchen with white cabinets and walls creates a classic effect that is quite stunning and visually pleasing. An all-white kitchen also makes it possible to create great backsplashes and counter tops using a variety of materials.
  • Having neutral colours in the kitchen gives more room to play with the accessories, such as the crockery, jars, even rugs and mats placed in the kitchen. These accessories and jars can be more colourful and colour coordinated to get that colour element into the kitchen. The fun element can be added and changed every time by changing the accessories and retaining the neutral shades of the kitchen.
  • Textured painting creates a stunning impact to a neutral kitchen.
  • best color for kitchenGrey is a neutral colour that dominates the kitchen space. Pair it with the right wall colours in the kitchen and add spice to your kitchen. The colour grey can create wonders to the overall effect of the kitchen, when a proper shade of grey is chosen, especially for the kitchen cabinets. Colouring the walls in shades of blue accentuates the grey colour of the cabinets and gives a feeling of a warm, welcoming kitchen space.
  • Red is a versatile colour. Choose it to add versatility to your kitchen. Used in moderation, to highlight the colour, it makes the kitchen look very bold. When going in for a red colour for the kitchen cabinets, ensure that the kitchen walls are in a colour that makes the red colour stand out! Red is certainly the best color for kitchen.
  • Yellow colour is best suited for smaller kitchens, making them look big. Yellow creates a soothing and calming effect in the kitchen space. It makes the kitchen look brighter.
  • Blue is one shade of colour that can be said as the best color for kitchen space. The various shades and hues can used perfectly to create a clean and crisp look. It is a beautiful colour that can be used for the cabinets as well as the kitchen walls. Dark blue colour should be used sparingly in order to avoid making the kitchen look too intense.
  • Go for the mint and apple shades of green and pair them with a wood accentuated island or counter top.