Grey Kitchen Cabinets – Grey Can Be Glamorous Too!

Well, whatever may be peoples’ perception about the colour grey; it sure is a colour of choice for designers and decorators alike who love to play with colours and create stunning effects in the design of the kitchen. More than the walls, grey kitchen cabinets look absolutely impressive.neutral kitchen cabinets

The colour grey evokes many kinds of reactions. It is a neutral or an achromatic colour. While some associate it with all things dull and dingy, there are some who associate it with neutrality, while there are others who feel it is a solid and stable colour that creates a sense of calm.

Take a look at how grey kitchen cabinets creates wondrous effects on your kitchen cabinets and design ideas that make grey look glamorous!

  • Grey kitchen cabinets with a simple design give a clean look to your kitchen. Having stainless steel handles to the cabinets will accentuate the look further. Go in for glamorous tiles at the back and make them stand out in the kitchen as the grey cabinets help in creating the neutral effect.
  • A wooden counter top in the kitchen goes very well with the glossy grey kitchen. The cabinets should be in glossy grey finish. This combination makes the kitchen look very sleek, smart and modern.
  • Another variation, here is having white marble counter tops instead of wooden counter tops. The grey kitchen cabinets blend beautifully with the marble.
  • Going in for a dual tone effect adds a remarkable effect to the kitchen space. Combining grey and white colour schemes with respect grey kitchen cabinetsto the cabinets and the wall colours gives a look of freshness. Top it up with a great colourful backsplash, the look of the kitchen is incredible. The idea is to mix colours well.
  • Grey is one colour that can be versatile as it looks amazing with any other accentuating colour. Go in for grey with metallic turquoise colour schemes for big kitchens.
  • Pairing grey and orange colour scheme is visually marvelous. Grey kitchen cabinet under the counter space with fiery orange cabinets in the island space of a kitchen is a great design idea. An open shelf cabinet on one end in the same colour combination adds more zing to the style.
  • If you want to highlight the yellow colour scheme of your kitchen, then opt for the grey neutral shade for the cabinets and the open shelves. This makes the yellow stand out and creates a very bright and sunny effect.

The colour grey can be used very efficiently and add up to the glamorous effect of the kitchen. It all depends on how well the colours are blended and make it look out of the ordinary.