Modern Kitchen Decor – Clean and Trendy

Modern kitchen decor could be defined as just the opposite of traditional Decor. Modern designs are sophisticated, clean and organised. Iconic furnishing and designer pieces are utilised. Modern decoration usher calm through the efficient and clean use of the available space. Modern kitchen decor is a lot influenced by traditional style. Overly designed spaces are not considered as modern.clean kitchen decor

In the kitchen

The kitchen is where the heart is. A clean and attractive modern kitchen decor can be appealing in many ways. The trend keeps changing in time. It is indeed fun to change the look once in a while. Decor includes woodwork, themes and colour palettes. Wood brings warmth to the environment.

Modern kitchen decor is essentially all about being simple yet eye catching. There is a very fine line. Natural palette and smart storage scream elegance. The idea is to make the kitchen look spacious and compact at the same time. A fine combination of these and you have a modern kitchen decor.

Important features of a modern kitchen include simple accurate design minus the heavy background and detailed surfaces. The best way to describe a modern decor is that ‘less is more’. Every detail is essential to pull off a modern look. This means pay attention to furnishing, appliances and accessories, tiles and lighting.

gree kitchen decorA few modern kitchen decor ideas:

  • Open shelves make a bold statement. When arranged neatly and in sequence, you could pull it off and quite fabulously at that. Sleek cabinets with chrome or stainless steel knobs work very well. There should be no room for clutter.
  • A little colour never hurt. A few dashes here and there really livens up the place in a beautiful yet modern way. The key is to not be overwhelming.
  • Modern appliances are the key to a nice modern kitchen. They are space efficient and compact.
  • Kitchen tiles on the wall matter. Bold and colourful background gel very well with the modern look. Optimistic colours such as orange, red and green are preferred for that extra dash of style. Yellow and red stand out very well in nooks. High gloss colours can create a powerful impact. A kitchen gallery could handle brightly coloured cabinets. A continuous zigzag pattern in black and white can be a show stealer.
  • Brushed brass works very well with marble and steel. Contrast looks are indeed the way to go to spruce up your kitchen. Chrome can add that much-needed sparkle and shine to the environment.
  • Wood is assumed to be traditional but it can never be outdated. The warmth and comfort that is emitted from the gorgeous tree brown aremodern kitchen decor
  • The fabric is a neat add-on to the modern kitchen. Today, what is grossly overlooked is the window treatment.
  • Black granite floors can be quite charming. It could add a contrast to your vanilla cabinet. A dash of neon colours in the nook could give your kitchen a new outlook without being distracting.
  • Hanging light fixtures and floating shelves can present your kitchen in a new