Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas For This Spring

It’s not unusual to find people who feel that their kitchen is just not large enough. If you find yourself feeling that way about your kitchen too, then listen up as there is good news coming your way. How you always wished your kitchen had just that extra little space next to the sink or for an overhead cabinet. But do you know that you can transform your cramped kitchen space to make it feel much larger and more functional without adding an extra inch? Sounds too good to be true? Not at all!

You can now make your kitchen feel bigger with these small kitchen remodel ideas.

cozy kitchen remodel ideas

Ditch and switch

Your old chimney or the fridge might be your favorite things in the kitchen as they have been working well for years. But these outdated appliances can be the very reason for the way your kitchen looks. Larger old equipment can make the space around it look much smaller.

Invest in newer and slimmer designs that fit flush with your existing cabinetry. Also make sure to choose those that blend in with the theme of your kitchen.

Pull and push

A very important detail in your kitchen is your kitchen hardware that sits on your cabinetry. Many modern kitchens have the tubular stainless steel bar pulls. Though these are wonderful they can eat into the space of a small kitchen. What would work are those that do not stick out.small kitchen remodel ideas

Metal rail pulls that run the length of the cabinets or recessed pulls are ideal as they allow more room for the kitchen traffic. These work with a variety of cabinet materials such as wood, metal and glass.

A splash of color

No matter how much you clean those cabinet panels, they are not going to look any sleeker. With years of use, there is bound to be some fine scratches that just won’t bring the shine back. So you don’t have to go all overboard and get those panels changed.

You can get an instant makeover by just painting them over the weekend. Wood can be easily painted on whereas other materials like metal, laminate will need special paints for a lasting performance. Matching the color of the ceiling to the cabinets can create an illusion of space too.

Get floored

Old vinyl flooring can be a big contributor to dingy-looking cooking spaces. Using a light color or interesting textures and patterns can lift up the mood of your kitchen and also make it look more roomier. You can even experiment with expensive options like marble as there is only a small space to invest in.

Lights on please!kitchen remodel ideas

Even if your small kitchen gets enough outside light, it can be made more interesting with some spot light at the dining area. You can also make use of small kitchen remodel ideas like lighting that is directed on the cabinet panels and even the ceiling to direct attention back and forth and create an impression of space.

So employing these small kitchen remodel ideas is a great way to revamp your cozy kitchen with the existing structure to make it look larger and make your cooking experience more enjoyable than before.