Traditional Home Decor – So Simple and Classic

The most common style in the United States of America is the traditional home decor. It consists of a beautiful blend of simple and classic designs. Some of the common characteristics include simple roof lines and symmetrically located windows along with just a little ornamentation to go with the flow.beautiful home decor

Elegant looks like it have been very easily done but it is quite the contrary.  It takes a lot of thought process to get the final look. The decor of the home includes the color of the walls, the furnishing and the additional artwork.

The fact that Traditional Home Decor has lasted a while is no ordinary thing.

This home decor gets its inspiration from the past. Traditional furnishings come from the eighteenth century England, the exotic East and the French. Today’s traditional look is not as formal as it used to be. It is very much classical in nature, though.

A traditional interior includes fine woodwork, sturdy and finely crafted furnishing and carved moldings. Framed wall decorations are also found in the traditional set up along with elegant fabric and curtains.

The subtle shades of coloring used for the drapes and the walls are the eye-catching features of a Traditional Home Decor. The rolled up arms of the upholstered chairs and overstuffed couches are a good mark of this style. A nice and formal dining room with blue walls and a canopy bed are part of the traditional decor. An ottoman can be placed in front of an antique mercury glass or a painting by Van Gogh. Similar to museums, artwork that is less than sixty inches from the floor screams classic. A beautiful Chandelier made from French Cloche is an attractive addition indeed.

traditional home decorThe furniture styles are the Sheraton and Queen Anne. They are delicate with gently straightened out lines and tapered legs. The accessories added belong to the eighteenth and nineteenth century. This includes candle stands, bowls and vases.

How the furniture is arranged on the rug also matters. You can either have all the furniture on the rug or all off of it. Furniture on the rug creates a luxurious feel. Too small a rug will make it insignificant.  You could use materials to create the style that you would like. The furnishing and the materials can build a traditional look even in a room that does not have traditional architecture. The color combinations and patterns of the sofa and the rugs can also be looked into. Beige, cream and ivory shades are preferred in this homely environment. Some bold color can be used as a splash for some dramatic effect.

Traditional styles inspire many a modern home as well. The reason that it still works today is that the look still delivers. This decor is truly warm and welcoming in every sense of the word. The comfort zone created by the Traditional Home Decor is truly irreplaceable. The familiarity and predictability of the house are what makes it home.